Tuesday, September 12, 2017
7:30pm - 9:00pm


Writers Guild Theater
135 South Doheny Drive
Beverly Hills, CA 90211




  • Open Seating within Premier Rows
  • Free Self Parking


  • Open Seating (VIP & Premier Excluded)
  • Free Self Parking


  • As a thank you, you will receive the following:
  • Seating for 2 people within first 3 rows (VIP)
  • Meet & Greet with Tim Storey before the event
  • 2X Signed Books (Comeback & Beyond)
  • 2X eClass
  • 2X Comeback Packs
  • Free Self Parking


  • As a thank you, you will receive the following:
  • Seating for 1 person within first 3 rows (VIP)
  • Meet & Greet with Tim Storey before the event
  • 1X Signed Books (Comeback & Beyond)
  • 1X eClass
  • 1X Comeback Packs
  • Free Self Parking

*Storey Dreams Foundation is a 501(c)(3), donations are tax deductible.


Tim Storey is a gifted speaker and top selling author, well known for inspiring and motivating people of all walks of life. Known as the Life Coach to the Stars, he has shared his insight to diverse crowds in over 70 countries. His most recent book, Comeback & Beyond, has been praised by some of the world’s most influential leaders.

In addition to a rigorous speaking calendar and private life-coaching sessions, Storey engages audiences monthly at LIVE life motivated gatherings in Los Angeles since 1992 and teaches weekly at his church, The Congregation in Yorba Linda, CA. A SuperSoul100, he was interviewed on OWN’s SuperSoul Sunday, was a featured speaker at SuperSoul Sessions, and a featured teacher on O Magazine’s Adventure of Your Lifecruises. He has been featured speaker for Steve Harvey’s Act Like A Success Conference, PTTOW, Grant Cardone's 10XGrowthCon, Paul Mitchell’s The Gathering/Business Revolution, MastermindConference, Emerge Miami, and many more. He sits on the board of numerous influential non-profits, such as Anti-Recidivism Coalition (with Robert Downey Jr., Jake Gyllenhaal, Nas, and more), National Addiction Foundation(with Dr. Drew Pinsky), and the Storey Dreams Foundation.

Tim Storey began meeting with influencers and thought leaders in the entertainment industry in 1992 (BelAge, Mondrian, Andaz West Hollywood, EastWest Studios, Wanderlust Hollywood, and celebrity homes). The invitation-only experience has drawn creatives from all walks of life and faith. Recently moving into the Writers Guild Theater in Beverly Hills, the commonality is a tangible sense of expectation for learning to live a life of purpose, not chasing our dreams, but learning to cooperate with them.

Tim Storey LIVE is a unique experience that has been a catalyst in the lives of creatives, thought leaders, and influencers.

“Tim is a voice of encouragement to our generation.” Quincy Jones

“Tim is the Comeback Coach!” Robert Downey Jr.

“Tim is wonderful at walking people through the best and worst of times.” Smokey Robinson

“Tim is an energetic man with both with and wisdom. His information and insight make life’s journey a little easier.” Lee Iacocca


A unique hub for writers, directors, actors, and producers, the Writers Guild Theater (formally the Doheny Plaza Theater) is known for it’s private screenings, openings, and premiers. Working with all the top studios via the Writers Guild of America West, hosting Guild Screenings and panel discussions for award nominated films and shows. During award season (Oscars, Emmys, and more), the theater is bustling with industry executives, A-list actors, and decision makers. For more information, visit


Free Self Parking for all guests of Tim Storey LIVE. Six levels of covered parking in the adjacent structure north of The Writers Guild Theatre and south of Wilshire Boulevard on the west side of Doheny Drive. We’ve paid your parking, simply tell the parking staff you were here for Tim Storey LIVE and they will waive the fee.

Valet Parking (Cash Only) is also available for additional fee next door:
Doheny Plaza 9100 Wilshire Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA 90212 (Enter on the west side of Doheny Drive).




Phil Aguilar has been called many names over the course of his life. Phil. Pastor Phil. Chief. Chief of Sinners. And, much worse. A descriptor that may fit more than any other is “Tenacious.” While incarcerated at Chino State Prison in 1977, Phil chose to follow Jesus and went on to found Set Free Ministries in Anaheim, California, in 1982. Over the years, hundreds of drug addicts were set free in 5o+ discipleship homes, and the church quickly grew because of its unorthodox outreach style including rap, hip hop, low-riders, and a motorcycle club. Not only did Phil help plant churches around the globe, he is also the co-founder of the Los Angeles International Dream Center and currently ministers as a drug rehab counselor with Black Sheep Recovery. 

"Set Free Posse: Jesus Freaks, Biker Gang, or Christian Cult?" is a feature-length documentary that captures the heart and history of Set Free Church and its founder Phil Aguilar. Follow the rise and fall of the ministry through never-before-seen archive footage and 50+ current-day interviews with its founder and many at the center of this worldwide movement. Watch the trailer and get more info at



The evening will feature a special guest musical performance by Chill Aguilar. Chill is a world renowned worship leader, singer, songwriter and producer with a new album out "Grace, Mistakes & Heartbreaks!" Click HERE for more information.

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